What’s sold in Norwalk?


NORWALK, Conn. – Here’s a list of Norwalk property transfers, from March 2-6:

  • 200 Connecticut Ave., 200 Connecticut LLC to 200 Route One Realty LLC, $8,500,000, tax paid $106,250
  • 1 Sunwich Road, Bowling Property Investments, LLC to Stephanie B. Zeigler Trustee and Eric T. Zeigler Trustee, $190,000, tax paid $19,750, according to the document. The property is appraised at $2.1 million.
  • 3 Chipping Lane, Brett Sterner and Diane Nguyen Sterner to Jaime L. Gonzalez and Ishell Escalona, $580,000, tax paid $4,350
  • 5 Rae Lane, Jerry Boggs to James R. Goldman and Jaqueline S. Pierce, $580,000, tax paid $4,350
  • 6 Highbrook Road, Kenneth D. Roberts and Karen A. Roberts to Christopher J. Douglas and Elizabeth Douglas, $540,000, tax paid $4,050
  • 23 Lindenwoods Road, 23 Lindenwoods Road, LLC to Rachel Turcotte and Todd Turcotte, $525,000, tax paid $3,937
  • 13 Yost St., Adam Grossman to Alyssa Alcantara and Roberto Otero, $450,000, tax paid $3,375
  • 16 Cornwell Road, Albert Angelo Bifano and Charlotte H. Bifano to Ivanna Bodnar and Oleh Bodnar, $444,000, tax paid $3,330
  • 73 Walter Ave., Gerardo Eusebio and Ana R. Rodriguez to Francesco Galati, $429,000, tax paid $3,217
  • 4 Daskams Lane Unit 122, Lindsay J. Esposito to Peter Robert Predun, $425,000, tax paid $3,187
  • 122 Ledgebrook Drive Unit 10-1, Robert M. Hanson to Duane A. Cantor, $380,000, tax paid $2,850
  • 9 Soundview Ave., TMSL Properties, LLC to Shelly-Ann Lynch-Cox and Mark Cox, $376,000, tax paid $2,820
  • 32 Windsor Place, Dianne S. Papp to Colleen Mary Brosnan and Sean Patrick Peltier, $361,500, tax paid $2,711
  •  74 Beacon St., Gail C. Osay and Jose Ramiro Martinez to Jose Carmen Crespo-Leon and Jose Ramiro Martinez, $359,000, tax paid $2,692
  • 13 Strathmore Lane, Russell A. Fortier and Cornelia L. Fortier to Jay C. Dulski, $333,950, tax paid $2,504
  • 7 Seir Hill Road Unit 43, Jaclyn Iloyena to Marissa Massimore, $303,250, tax paid $2,274
  •  12 Glenrock Unit 12, Ishell A. Escalona to Joseph Devito, $296,500, tax paid $2,223
  • 83 Washington Ave. Unit 3G, Jonathan R. Yeadon to Margaret A. Kost, $265,000, tax paid $1,987
  • 17 Glendenning St., 17 Glendenning Associates, LLC to Ronald J. Disette Jr.and Kathryn G. Disette, $247,000, tax paid $1,852
  • 31 Morton St., Citigroup Mortgage Loan Trust Inc., Asset-Backed PA to Wilson Rodriguez and Patricia P. Rodriguez, $225,000, tax paid $1,687
  • 126 Washington St. unit 204, Pedro Rodrigo Rodriguez Romero to Tertuliano Delgado, $220,000, tax paid $1,650


Bryan Meek March 8, 2020 at 9:27 am

You are only reporting the state’s portion of the conveyance taxes at 0.75% plus 0.5% for properties over $800k. The city collect 0.5% on each transaction.


200 Connecticut Ave was appraised at $15 million before this latest botched reval put it at $21 million…..and the building only sold for $8.5 million.

This is a total disaster coming with these 400 commercial lawsuits on the horizon.

Where is Josh Morgan’s spin on this? @ $25,000 per press release, isn’t he overdue to give another one?

Bryan Meek March 8, 2020 at 9:40 am

Excuse me. It was assessed over $20 million….It didn’t change much from the revaluation and that is even more disturbing.

The commercial property owners who are suing the city will use this example to bolster their cases. With the current vacancy rates and the hysteria about working from home we are prime for a local commercial crash here.

At least all the tax free apartments will make up for the tens of millions this city is about to lose.

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