What’s sold in Norwalk?

16 Hillandale Manor. (Google)

NORWALK, Conn. – Here’s a list of Norwalk property transfers, from Feb. 20-26:

  • 16 Hillandale Manor, Helen Tomich to Elizabeth S. Clark, $528,000, tax paid $3,960
  • 6 Naples Ave., Estate of Lois M. Marasco to Michael J. Intrieri, $525,000, tax paid $3,937
  • 158 Perry Ave., Robert B. Milman to Milo Hans Realty, LLC, $465,000, tax paid $3,487
  • 35 Woodlawn Ave., Theresa R. Healey to Laura B and Robert F. Greene, $416,000, tax paid $3,120
  • 9 Caesar St., Suzanne Greene to Stephen Joseph Olson, $349,000, tax paid $2,617
  • 3 Oakwood Ave #C6, Scott P. Madeo and Elizabeth Faughnan to Juliana R. Benoliel, $310,000, tax paid $2,325
  • 134 Washington St. unit 306, Mark Burton to Timothy F. and Paula J. Foarde, $292,000
  • 53 North Bridge St., Albert Stephens to Ligia M. Murillo, $245,000, tax paid $1,837
  • 4 Union Ave. unit 19, Paula A. Aspesi to Katrina Ann Caracappa, $231,500, tax paid $1,736
  • 19 Isaac St. unit 207, Cecilly J. Cowburn Anderson to Joseph Piazza Palotto, $214,000, tax paid $1,605
  • 309 Ely Ave. unit A2, Ann-Marie and Richard E. Drumgold to Donald R. Robinson, $243,000, tax paid $1,822
  • 71 Aiken St. unit B5, Kimberly Ticar to Charlene Adams, $181,500, tax paid $1,361

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Steve Mann March 3, 2020 at 9:00 am

Thanks for the reporting Paul. Just about the only thing we miss by not getting the Hour are these transfers.

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