What’s the name of that street?

(Paul Cantor)

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When Alan Paton wrote “there is a lovely road that runs from Ixopo into the hills,” I searched for its name without luck.  Now there is another road whose name I am looking for.  This road leads from Fillow Street to Old Rock Lane in Norwalk.  So, to find out its name along with Myška, my favorite walking companion, I set out to ask those whose homes border to let me know what to call it.  “Princes Pine,” is its name said a young man we met as we passed the above sign marking its Old Rock Lane end point.

“I am a prince who fell in love with Megan.  But then she ended up marrying that scoundrel, Harry.  So now like princes everywhere I am pining for the return of my long-lost love.”  And then he broke down in tears.

So sorry, we said as we moved on down the street to another property where we met a young woman.

(Paul Cantor)

“What that guy told you is wrong,” she said.  “The name of this street is Princess Pine.  We women are pining for the day men on our planet will learn how to behave sensibly and well.

“That seems to be an appropriate name for a street in our locality and our country,” we replied as we waved goodbye and headed to a home on the other side of the street.

“What do you call this road?” we called out to a man standing in the yard.

(Paul Cantor)

Prince’s Pine, of course,” he replied.  “When I first moved here there were pine trees everywhere.  But then people started chopping them down.   So, I called a meeting of my neighbors and told them: ‘Look here, I am a prince, and this is my property, and these are my trees.  I am going to mark each of them Prince’s Pine and anyone caught cutting down a tree so marked will suffer dire consequence.’”

Thank you for that explanation, we said, as we gingerly stepped away and headed home pining for a definitive answer to our question so we could let you know more about the street we had just walked down.

Paul Cantor


Paul Cantor January 18, 2023 at 8:54 am

Why do princesses pine? They pine for a better world where princess pines abound and all the pines are princesses’ pines not princes’ pines. So where are the princesses pines and princesses’ pines and princes’ pines mailboxes?

Kara Murphy January 18, 2023 at 12:27 pm

It is Princes Pine Rd. The apostrophe in Prince’s was dropped over the passage of time. The neighborhood was filled with spectacular pine trees, which were particularly beautiful after a snow storm (think Currier & Ives). Unfortunately, many of the trees have been lost due to age, decay, and storm damage.

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