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Mitigating thoughts about the pandemic:

Currently, pending a vaccine, physical separation with lock-down have proven to be the only effective means of  limiting the  spread of the current virus..

A recent article in the NY Times (Wednesday. May 5th – “Rethinking the Blueprint for Denser Living” raised the question of continuing to build multi family multi-story mixed use residential buildings with common hallways, reception areas, garages and access points to satisfy the push for city growth.

The article points to “Town House” designs with limited common access points as being a more efficient isolation design. (Note: the original POCD proposal, 2008, called for town houses on West Avenue.)

This raises the question, what are, if any, hot spots in Norwalk?

Are the new multi family mixed use buildings (West Avenue, Glover Avenue, Maritime Center building’s as examples,)  “hot spots’ for a virus?   Are the many, older multi family converted 1 or 2 family residences,  hot spots?

Analyzing current hospital records and other medical sources (without affecting personal privacy) would help answer that question.

If so, there should be an immediate moratorium on similar new construction until (and if) building designs can be modified to minimize (preferably eliminate) neighborly contact.

Similarly,  all Norwalk “hot spot” locations should be expeditiously normalized.  Our medical advisers are certain of another virus wave.

A program for retrofitting current  “hot spot” structures should be created, implemented to a public  schedule.
Adolph Neaderland


4 responses to “Where I Stand”

  1. Bridgert P

    I agree – any analysis should also include the city’s lack of enforcement on illegal apartments and makeshift hotels on single family homes where up to 15-20 people live per house.

  2. Babar Sheikh

    Looks like the record broke again.

  3. JustaTaxpayer

    How is it possible for 15-20 people to live in a single family home? Is that legal in Norwalk?

  4. Al Bore

    Yes in Norwalk it is ok, anything goes in Norwalk it is easier to turn a blind eye than to have city work to enforce and inspect. Illegal apartments in Norwalk from what I see and I see them all the time are welcome in Norwalk. Norwalk is the city that always sleeps on the job, they select what to select to enforce.

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