Where is Chris Perone?

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We found Chris Perone. He’s cashing his checks.

When he missed the most important vote in the Connecticut legislature this year dealing with Police Accountability, Chris Perone complained he had new job training to attend and if he missed the training, he’d lose the job.

I sympathize with that choice, but the fact is, Chris Perone was elected to show up in Hartford and represent his district. That is his job. He applied for it, he got it and he is paid for it.

Choices must be made. And Chris Perone chose his private job over the job he was elected to do.

As one legislator put it, “Floor votes in the House of Representatives are the most important. You have to be on your death bed to miss a floor vote.” Chris Perone has only been called on three days this year to participate in House of Representatives votes. He missed the first day entirely, attended the second, and attended part of the third before exiting to attend his other job. He was one of only seven representatives in the 151 member House of Representatives to miss the vote on Police Accountability. And he was the one-and-only legislator to miss floor votes on two occasions this year.

Legislators don’t make it easy to find their attendance records and in Chris Perone’s case there is good reason.

Chris Perone is a member of the Energy and Technology Committee—that is the legislature’s oversight committee dealing with, among other matters, regulation of Eversource, our electric provider. Following the horrible performance by Eversource in restoration of power after Tropical Storm Isaias, the Energy and Technology Committee met via Zoom. Chris Perone was one of only four representatives not to attend that meeting. The Energy and Technology Committee met on 11 occasions during this session. Chris Perone was absent five times.

The $28,000 base salary paid annually to Connecticut’s representatives and senators ranks 20th highest nationally. The state also provides another $4,500 to representatives for expenses they don’t have to document. Add to those dollars the medical insurance benefits provided for legislators and their families—with just a $15 deductible—and the compensation begins to look like its worth going to work. Don’t forget there is a guaranteed retirement benefit given to legislators who have served as long as Chris.

Even if one were not to think of legislative financial reward as generous, elected officials accept their job and that pay with an expectation among constituents that when there is work to be done, they will show up to do the work.

Chris Perone has accepted more nearly half a million taxpayer dollars during his time in Hartford, not including health care benefits and his anticipated pension. That is not small change. This year there was no more important nor consequential vote than that on police accountability and Chris missed it. There was no more important matter pertaining to public health, safety, and cost than the performance of utilities this summer and Chris missed that one, too.

As Chris Perone pointed out in assessing his private job, he expects to get fired if he does not show up. He ought to think the same way about the job we taxpayers pay for.

Ellen Wink

Republican Candidate to represent the 137th District in the Connecticut Legislature, endorsed by the Connecticut Independent Party.


Seems Perone’s major contribution is missing meetings. Hmmmm, I find that quite odd - and disengaging as well. September 8, 2020 at 6:28 am

Chris is a genuine all-time meeting evader. That seems to be a poor record to run in. He’d never get away with that in the private sector.

David September 8, 2020 at 6:32 am

As one of his constituents I am very glad he missed the vote There are a few times in his career where I have agreed with his voting Awesome I’m very glad he had another job to work where he can get fired As of now he should be fully aware of the policies and business culture that he’s created in the state by his legislative actions and those for the rest of his party have done to the rest of us I also appreciate His bosses ability to use tactics to improve the business climate and public safety of the state

john j flynn September 8, 2020 at 7:45 am

Plastic bags, straws, and nonsense. Norwalk has its problems. Real ones. Will Travis defund the police before or after the transportation fund gets looted again? Following Bob Duff’s instruction will end badly. All I can say is “Firetree”, and Bob did it. Eloisa, POKO and I endorse Ellen Wink she has leadership skills and ethics. She can’t be bribed and she shows up for me and mine. its every Ron for himself.

Seems Perone’s major contribution is missing meetings. Hmmmm, I find that quite odd - and disengaging as well. September 8, 2020 at 7:47 am

If Legislators don’t show up for meetings then they should NO GET PAID! That’s only fair, period!!

Steve Mann September 8, 2020 at 10:40 am

I don’t know, “Ron”. Looks to me like a fact-based report on the irresponsibility of an elected official. The only political hit piece is your comment.

John ONeill September 8, 2020 at 11:02 am

Ellen: Good question. It is ironic that the power outage has shown a bright light on his absence. This travesty needs to be rectified.

Bryan Meek September 8, 2020 at 4:47 pm

So Rep Perone works for a small company (less than 25 people as defined by statute) or he doesn’t know the laws he’s charged with maintaining?

Norwalk has been held accountable to this law on at least one occasion.


Sec. 2-3a. Employer not to discriminate against candidate for, member-elect of or member of the General Assembly. Employee permitted choice of shifts. (a) No employer of twenty-five or more persons shall discriminate against, discipline or discharge any employee because such employee (1) is a candidate for the office of representative or senator in the General Assembly, (2) holds such office, (3) is a member-elect to such office, or (4) loses time from work in order to perform duties as such representative, senator or member-elect, provided the failure of such employer to pay wages or salaries for any such time lost shall not be considered a violation of this section. Such employee shall solely determine the activities which constitute duties as such representative, senator or member-elect, as applicable, as provided in this section. No employee under this section shall lose any seniority status which may have accrued to him. Where the function of such employee is performed in work shifts, such employee shall be given a choice of shifts, provided such choice of shifts shall be given at a time that reasonably allows adjustment of the schedules of the employee and employer to accommodate both the duties of such employee as a representative, senator or member-elect and the proper functioning of the employer’s operations, taking into account the timeframes within which meetings and hearings of the General Assembly are scheduled. During any regular legislative session, the employee shall not be required to choose a shift more than two weeks in advance of the time such shift is to be worked and, during any special legislative session, the employee shall not be required to choose a shift more than one week in advance of the time such shift is to be worked.

Bryan Meek September 9, 2020 at 6:50 am

Go Ellen. Get ready for the detractors. The counter arguments to being completely misrepresented and lied to by CT leadership will be Trump, Trump, Trump. This is all they have. We’ve been on a four year crusade of being told that hearsay is truth and to ignore words coming straight from the mouth. We’re supposed to ignore actions and believe promises. This is the new standard of journalism, but the people aren’t buying it. Only Let them Eat Cake Nancy Pelosi’s congress has a lower approval rating than the media right now.

Ron Morris September 9, 2020 at 5:51 pm

Scott Actually what is ignorant is anyone that objects to holing cops accountable. Also what is ignorant is the behavior of the Norwalk Police to Senator Duff.

Joe September 11, 2020 at 1:54 am

“The state also provides another $4,500 to representatives for expenses they don’t have to document. ”

That’s a lot of money and they don’t have to show any receipts? Corruptikut.

Most people have never seen a stack of $4.500 in their lives!

They vote themselves laws like that but taxpayers don’t get a break for anything,”

They rule that we can’t go to work but they get to stay at home and get paid in full.

They ruin our lives but they’re acting like big shots handing out warm milk in parking lots
while we don’t have no pay checks and they get full pay to stay at home and do nothing.

This is so sick..

Babar Sheikh September 11, 2020 at 12:38 pm

This is an opinion/propaganda piece, not a piece of journalism. It seems like it wasn’t even proofread properly. Some of the comments make it seem like people can’t tell the difference between journalism and propaganda anymore, that’s our biggest problem.

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