Where’s Chris Perone?

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Where’s Chris Perone?

The Connecticut Legislature was called into session this week to confront the important issues of Absentee Voting and Police Accountability. Representative Perone was there for them to vote on voting, but on the matter of Police Accountability he was absent.

Norwalk Police deserve a voice in Hartford that recognizes their contributions to our community. 

Police ought not only to be held appropriately accountable for their actions, but recognized for their existing exercise of professionalism, restraint, and community responsiveness.

This is not a political issue. Norwalk’s Community Policing efforts were well established under the leadership of then Police Chief, now Mayor Harry Rilling. Chief Tom Kulhawik has faithfully continued the efforts undertaken by Chief Rilling. The Norwalk Police Department is established as a contributing member of our City, exercising its responsibilities with restraint, and understanding. During recent demonstrations in support of racial justice, Norwalk police have not only maintained a peaceful presence, they have joined citizens in support of the Black Lives Matter marches.

We can be proud of the Norwalk Police force. Our representative in Hartford has a responsibility to take Norwalk’s positive message to the Capitol.

We all want police officers to be accountable for the decisions they make in the course of duty. Reasonable examination of professionalism, crime response, and arresting tactics employed are appropriate. Finding and disciplining misconduct are already embedded in the Norwalk Police operations.

It is as appropriate to recognize and applaud the professional approach to service that is well established. Not only does such recognition reward good service and devotion, it establishes a tone of respectability and pride so important to recruiting the next generation of police officers. We want an environment that encourages young people of every color, gender, and social persuasion to aspire toward service in law enforcement. The phrase, “I want to be a police officer when I grow up,” ought not to vanish from children’s vocabulary. We want an environment that encourages police officers of experience to maintain their allegiance to law enforcement rather than choosing to abandon careers out of concern for their own well being.

We need the police. When 911 is dialed we need response. When crimes are committed, we need investigation. When criminals are identified we need arrest. And when police are under unreasonable scrutiny by the State Legislature, we need a representative prepared to attend the debate and cast her vote.

Ellen Wink

Republican candidate for District 137 State Representative


Tad Diesel July 28, 2020 at 6:08 am

Ellen Wink is a hard working woman entrepreneur who will listen to Norwalk citizens and show up
In Hartford to represent their interests. We all need that work ethic now.

john j flynn July 28, 2020 at 10:11 am

He was in the library with professor plumb with a candlestick? Ellen why did thirty stamford Police Officers stage the running scene on the Body cams at 5:29 am when Steven barrier was TAZERed at 1:31 and he was pronounced dead at 3:10 am?> Why no Police reports available? It happened 9 months ago?

Why was the choke hold evidence in Norwalk altered 4 times? The legislation gives more input to the State’s attorney. The state’s attorney leaked the falsified Autopsy to the Stamford advocate? Why use the Chief’s association, Nappe and Gallo are co-conspirators in the FBI sting operation?

The General Assembly knows nothing about Internal Affairs and the union. What does the butcher and the baker know?

John ONeill July 28, 2020 at 1:15 pm

I’m sure Chris Perone must have had a very good reason for not voting. As he surely knows it would be a disgrace if that wasn’t the case.

Diane Keefe July 28, 2020 at 7:57 pm

Where is Chris Perone? Here is Chris Perone
My husband reached out to Chris to inquire as to why he missed the vote. His response (with permission) follows:
” Being a ‘part time’ legislature requires all of us to have outside employment to make ends meet. I had new job training that I couldn’t reschedule. And not from lack of trying. In short, if I missed the training, I’d lose my job. I have a son who will be going to college in two years so securing stable employment is a necessity.

I told leadership that I had to leave at 5 am the next morning. I cleared all of Thursday and stayed through the night into Friday morning to vote. They brought out the bill at 2 am Friday morning. I had to leave at 5 am which, regrettably, meant that I couldn’t vote on the bill. I fully intended to vote yes on the bill. And I am frustrated beyond words that leadership waited until 2 am to bring it out. Going forward, I will make sure that the tenants of the statute are supported and funded in the way they were intended to be. My personal promise to you going forward is that I will do all I can to fulfill the promise of this important legislation. Please let me know if you’d like to discuss further.”

Chris’s response represents who he is: hard working, honest, pulling off a balancing act as a middle class parent looking at a massive investment in a college age kid. He represents this district.

Ellen Fink implied through her remarks that a “No” vote supports the Norwalk Police, “giving them a voice in Hartford.” There are others whose voices have not been heard in Hartford on the issue of police accountability. The rest of her remarks used the same phrases that others have used to defend historical lack of accountability in many municipalities. We don’t need to go through the national list of videos, do we?

I was among the protesters out in the streets earlier this spring in spite of Covid and being in my 60’s. I do not want undue force used on black and brown people in any part of the state of CT in the name of keeping me and people who look like me “safe”. We need more police accountability and I’m glad this bill is moving CT forward into a more equal future.

I saw members of the Norwalk Police Force take a knee during one of the demonstrations. This bill speaks for them.

The part time legislature shouldn’t only have room for people who manage to spend full time at the legislature because they are “retired” or have “nominal” jobs at law firms that have lobbying activities with the state or work for real estate or other firms that have business interests that benefit from a close relationship with lawmakers.
Our state budget is too big to have a “part time” salary for the legislators. Besides campaign finance reform, we would do a lot to prevent corruption in the decision making process if the State of CT paid a living wage for the amount of work required of its legislators.

Anyway I’m with the “Yes” votes on police accountability along with Chris and I hope he keeps his “part time” job in November.

John ONeill July 29, 2020 at 9:18 am

@Diane: Thanks for letting us know. That being said, how many reps missed this vote? We all need to prioritize. The problem with the vast majority of Americans including Chris is they don’t have time for politics. We’re too busy raising a family, working etc…Hence the politics is sometimes left to those who don’t represent our values…I think the Norwalk delegation proves that point.

Ellen G Wink July 29, 2020 at 6:57 pm

Empty seat!

144 out of 151 made the vote. We paid for an empty seat.

We are paying him for representation, plus health benefits, plus retirement and have been for the last 20 years.


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