Where’s our winter, Southern New Englanders?

(ESB Professional & Schwabenblitz composite / CTNewsJunkie via Shutterstock)

Jonathan L. Wharton. (Contributed)

It doesn’t take a weatherman to know which way the wind blows. And it shouldn’t take a New Englander to know it snows in winter. But with so little – if any – snow accumulation into early 2023, many of us are experiencing a snowless winter. I can’t be the only one relieved and also concerned at the same time. It could be a record this late into the winter season, especially for the tri-state area as New York City have only had flurries.

When I returned to Connecticut almost nine years ago, there was so much snow in early 2014 that it remained on the ground into late March and the Boston Common had feet of snow remaining into April achieving the city’s snowiest winter ever. It was so cold that New Haven Harbor was a frozen waterway. Winter 2014 was unusual since Connecticut’s shoreline had more snow accumulation than inland regions when it’s usually the other way around.

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