Who is in charge of Norwalk GOP?

By Peter Berman

NORWALK, Conn. – With his latest letter, Norwalk Republican Town Committee Chairman Art Scialabba has served notice that any former city employee running for office on the Democratic ticket can expect the full force of the GOP organization, no matter how exemplary the previous service. Many wonder why Mayor Moccia himself doesn’t rise to the occasion and take his former police chief to task rather than using a convenient surrogate? Does Mr. Scialabba speak for Mayor Moccia? And does Mayor Moccia approve of the vitriol? We’d like to know.

Before Mr. Rilling decided to run for office Mayor Moccia held Mr. Rilling in high public esteem. Has there been a change in heart and if so why? Who speaks for the GOP – Mayor Moccia or Mr. Scialabba? If the shoe was on the other foot would a Mayor Rilling allow such vitriol to be published against Mr. Moccia? Most of us who know Mayor Moccia are surprised that he would remain quiet in the face of Mr. Scialabba’s comments. Do other party officials such as Council President Hempstead subscribe to Mr. Scialabba’s comments? Will Mr. Scialabba proceed to slam the two remaining Democrat candidates? Will Mayor Moccia intercede? Let’s encourage him to do so. Vitriol has no place in Norwalk politics. Especially when directed at a former police chief who has served this city with uncommon distinction.

No candidate for city office merits vitriol by a party official. It demeans all of us. Let’s encourage all Republicans to show their disapproval. With Mayor Moccia in the lead.

Peter I Berman


4 responses to “Who is in charge of Norwalk GOP?”

  1. oldtimer

    Mr Berman is right, of course, but it is Sciallaba he is talking about. Does anybody take Sciallaba serious ?

  2. NorwalkVoter

    Art Scialabba wants to play the “bad cop” and let the mayor be the “good cop”. Unfortunately we know that they are one. Art does Richard’s bidding.

  3. Tim T

    I look at Sciallaba as a comedy act much the same as I do Moccia.

  4. Orange U. Glad

    There’s a reason they call him Art “Schlub”.
    NorwalkVoter got it right- Moccia is a bare knuckle fighter. He hasn’t developed an inner circle of people who debate him. They are there to do his bidding.

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