Why won’t Kousidis admit she is an Antivaxxer?

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The world has not seen a pandemic like this in a little over a century. It appears that the best way to end this, with citizen cooperation,  can only be achieved with the help of science and a vaccine. It troubles me that there has been the growth of an anti-science wing of the Republican Party, now seen in Norwalk and Darien by the State Senate candidacy of Ellie Kousidis. She has gone out of her way to say that she is not an “anti-vaxxer,” but her testimony before the Connecticut Legislature and her public comments have said differently.  Which is it?

If she is not an “anti-vaxxer” then why does she so strongly oppose all mandated vaccinations for students entering schools? Why is she listed as the founder of an organization, Active Citizenry USA,  that is dedicated to “pushing back against state-mandated vaccines”? Vaccines are how we prevent outbreaks and protect those among us who cannot be vaccinated because of a compromised immune system or an allergy to the ingredients in a vaccine.  Where there are questions about a particular vaccine’s efficacy or ingredients, let’s have a discussion but not condemn all vaccines.   With the creation of vaccines over time we have just about eliminated polio, smallpox and other viruses that have wreaked havoc on the human race. Ellie Kousidis’  blanket opposition to this important community health program and her disregard of its scientific basis makes me question if she believes in other scientific facts like human-influenced climate change or if she is falling in lockstep with the Republican Party of the 21st century that disregards and seems to devalue the opinions of experts.

In addition, will this Senate candidate publicly condemn the way the Trump Administration has handled the COVID-19 crisis, given her interest as a State Senate candidate?  For that matter, why are Connecticut Republicans publicly silent about the President’s botched COVID-19 management and the rush to bypass safety testing of a future COVID-19 vaccine?

If a vaccine for SARS-COV-2 (the medical name for COVID-19)  proves by experts to be safe, will Ms. Kousidis  and her family get it or will she risk their health and welfare and safety  of those in our society who are most susceptible to COVID-19?   Make no mistake, when we vote this year we are not just voting for elected officials to represent us in Hartford and Washington, we are voting for the future of science.

This is one of many reasons that I will be voting for Bob Duff to return to the 25th Senate District and against Ms. Kousidis, because I believe in balanced preventive health programming, science and the good that it can do and has done.


Diane Lauricella


20 responses to “Why won’t Kousidis admit she is an Antivaxxer?”

  1. Adam blank

    Well said Diane.

  2. John ONeill

    I truly believe if Vladimir Lenin and Josef Stalin were on the local Democratic ticket, they’d be getting endorsements this election cycle from Blind Rage Anti-Trumpettes. I can understand why some would prefer Biden over Trump, but it is my hope that voters think before voting on local issues. From jobs to electic bills to highways to hospital tax theft to police bashing to the economy our local reps have really hurt Connecticut over 40 years. Just because someone runs ice cream socials once a year doesn’t mean they are representing you…I beg fellow Norwalkers to THINK before voting. Anyone who blindly votes for a party and not the candidate is a fool.

  3. Scott Vetare

    Obviously you don’t know her. Why would anyone admit to something that’s not true. You’re spreading fake news Diane.

  4. Non Partisan


    The world has had 2 pandemics- both Covid viruses- within my life time. The difference is neither were politicized.

    The pandemic of 1968/69 had 100k us fatalities and 1million world wide. Keep in mind- this was when the worlds population was less than 1/2 of today’s, and society was less mobile or connected

    10-12 years ago we had swine flu- 500k we’re diagnosed as infected- but this wasn’t as leather

    The flu kills 20-40k Americans each year. Individuals take responsibility for getting a flu shot that some years has moderate results as the flu virus mutates. Are flu shots required to attend class????

  5. NiZ

    I think as many do, it is not vaccinations that are the issue, but the toxic ingredients that are of concern. Then legislation making it so those effected negatively cannot pursue a law suit against manufacturer. I also, think the constitution states they be SAFE. As I learned of the many, bad outcomes and the questionable outcomes of those that have looked to reveal the contrary side, it should raise public concern. As we all are not scientist with access to or understanding of these complexity of vaccinations, it is good to embrace anyone that is straight up about it.

  6. Bryan Meek

    Because she isn’t. Her statements and platform have never been inconsistent about her position that this should be left between patients and their doctors, not bureaucrats who never really cared about public health before this pandemic. If you think they did, please ask yourself why sugar is the number one crop in the world by far and it is still heavily subsidized in spite of the massive uptick in juvenile diabetes.


    Diane, well said. And you have provided Ellie with a wonderful opportunity to state unequivocally that she would support a statewide immunization program when a proven Covid 19 vaccine is available.

  8. Andrew

    had Bob Duff renounced cannibalism yet? If not he must support it.

    See this argument can go both ways.

  9. Peter Franz

    It is sad how far this nation has fallen when good science has become political fodder.

    There’s a reason you don’t have the ‘freedom’ to drive drunk down the highway at 150mph.

    There’s also why every developed nation on the planet has accepted and mandated the use of vaccines to eradicate multiple horrible diseases from the planet.

    The posts here are remarkably ignorant. They are also unremarkable for representing the current state of the Republican Party.

  10. Tysen Canevari

    I agree Peter Vaccines arent an option. Ellie hasnt done much to help her platform except make meatballs for the police and make sure she printed signs and put them all over Norwalk. I am an independent but will bet you Bob wins 2-1. Bob will lose when he steps down. Until then, those that vote in Norwalk will give him the nod. I vote for banning signs around down. It makes Norwalk look awful. Who really cares who you are promoting? Vote for the best candidate that you feel serves you. Maybe we could use the money wasted on signs to keep the bus monitors that the board of ed is going to cut.

  11. John ONeill

    @Peter – I’m not sure if I’m included in your ignoromous grouping above. If not, thank you for that. If so, let me buy you a beer and watch Note Dame football one day. Maybe we can all get along .Isn’t that what we should strive for? That being said i hope you wouldn’t write some candidate off because they are Republican. That too me borders on the absurd. Wouldn’t you consider it a mistake to blindly support someone who tried to start a riot in our town? Would it be a mistake to vote for someone who wouldn’t know Hartford from Tallahassee? I think that’s a no brainer. Conversely, as a Republican I will not give Trump a pass on pandemic. I will go to the voting booth and vote with a write in vote for my wife. She deserves it for putting up with me over the years. AND she’s a lot smarter than the alternative.
    I also agree on need for vaccinations. It’s critical.

  12. Al

    Why won’t she admit it?

    Because it would alienate sensible Republicans.

    Her Twitter account, which she lists on her campaign website, frequently “likes” posts from Shiva Ayyadura. He’s an anti-vax celeb that claimed forced vaccinations are rape and recently called Dr. Fauci a “deep state plant”. Combine that with her hosting other anti-vaxxers at events in CT. Forgive me if I don’t buy that she suddenly cares about public health.

    Duff is ineffective but at least his policies won’t put my kids’ health at risk.

  13. Jeff

    It’s interesting, the only thing people seem to be attacking Ellie for is the perception she’s an anti-vaxxer. So what’s if she is? It seems to be engrained that that’s something evil. If you want vaccines for your family, go get them, now you’re protected. Simple. I actually support the idea of less government mandates, for many things, but I also do get my children vaccinated. It seems Democrats want the government to tell us how to live our lives more and more. To be clear, I’m an independent.
    As far as Trump goes, he’s a disaster. I was actually intrigued when he beat Hillary. Ok, let’s see what he’s got. His policies were interesting, he just couldn’t keep his mouth shut and “get to work”. Now it’s apparent he’s just not that good of a guy. I do, however, don’t think a local politician needs to go out of their way to publicly denounce him otherwise they must completely agree with him and his policies. It is possible folks to agree with some political ideals of a certain party but not all. I guess the reason I’m independent!
    I’m not excited at all about Biden (yawn). People say they are but I think only because he has a D next to his name, that’s a pretty lame excuse if you ask me. That said, I’ll vote for Biden because I think Trump has been very divisive during his tenure and we don’t need any more of that. Locally though, mostly Republican. Look at our states financial situation, we’re right up there with Trump, a complete disaster. For a state with supposedly many fiscally smart people, our past and current leaders can’t figure it out, and yes it’s been all Democrat all the time. If you still think Duff is the one to straighten this out, he’s had more than enough time, and I don’t think you’re really paying attention. Perone – his attendance record speaks volumes to me, he’s obviously not interested in representing us.
    I say give some of the Republican candidates a chance, the Democrats have ruined Connecticut, the numbers speak volumes (especially the financial ones!).
    Lastly, what has Duff REALLY done for us that would make you run to your local voting site (or mailbox) to vote for him? I can only come up with reasons NOT to vote for him.

  14. Jeff

    One last thought on that. If you haven’t, you all should read George Washington’s farewell speech of 1796. Left an indelible mark on me that I won’t forget. Most notable for me was the following:

    However [political parties] may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.

    George Washington – September 17, 1796

  15. DrewT

    @tysen & @peter So let me make sure I understand what you’re both saying. As soon as the Covid vaccine is out you both and everyone in your families are going to run to get it right?! I’m sure you won’t have any worry in the works about the side effects of the vaccine. And I’m guessing you are both 100 comfortable mandating for everyone especially our children.
    Further, if you don’t like signs don’t get them and if you’re that upset you didn’t get any Meatballs I’ll have someone make you some.
    As for lying Bob let me tell you something, I hope you enjoy more and more taxes that Bob will vote in favor of. I hope you have future business plans since small business are closing at an enormous rate. The City alone is on the hook for about $50 Million for a High School that wasn’t on any of the BOE’S mind, is still about $40 Million short and approval was done in the middle of the night without being properly vetted by committee like every other bill is. So all that money you want saved for bus monitors that aren’t being cut anytime soon, look no further then lying Bob. I’ll tell you this the people in this City and Darien are tired of him, they want change! I’ve met people that don’t even care to listen to what she had to say but have said “You’re running against Bob? I’m voting for you!!” Period end of story. And it’s been happening almost daily from total strangers. The end for Bob is here. And on November 3rd maybe you could hire him as he will need a new career. I’m voting along with many, many, many people for ELLIE!!

  16. Norwalker

    Why aren’t people asking why Duff won’t admit he’s anti-police? Has he renounced Antifa? We know he supports the Marxist BLM. Cancel culture is out of control.

  17. Tg99

    Perfectly said John ONeill. What is wrong with helping Americans and Norwalkers be more prosperous, free and safe? Answer: NOTHING. By the way, anyone who has a “Hate Has No Home Here” sign on their front lawn is virtue signaling and can’t take the truth about Sanctuary Cities and States… I could go on but you get it. Worry about your own ‘tude and be open to listening…And get off CNN and NY Times and MSNBC as they have lost all credibility with the Russian Hoax, Ukraine call, etc. As I tell me wife everyday, this is about groupthink, social cues and dealing with your own ego that you’ve been wrong about Dems actually caring about you…Vote your own interests, vote your neighbors interest if they know it or not and Vote “R” !!!!!!!

  18. Tysen Canevari

    Drew, First of all you said the same garbage when Damelio was running. I am not endorsing anyone but please tell me something she plans to do? Same strategy killed Damelio. You make fun of Bob all day but give us no platform that you are running on. I dont want any meatballs thank you. My mother in law makes the best ones. She offers them to the fireman as a thank you for their service not so they will put a political sign in their yard! Norwalk High has been falling apart since they built the look a like jail. I remember when i went their the stair wells leaking. I will bring my family for the vaccine once the FDA approves it. Why wouldnt I? Businesses are closing because of Covid and the strict guidelines. No one can help that. One other thing, Stop complaining about the baseball fields in Norwalk. Grab a rake and fix the mound for your son if you dont like it.

  19. Bryan Meek

    Tysen clearly wants ice cream, not meatballs. Honestly, I’d vote for a ham sandwich over Duff. He needs to go in the worst way. Norwalk is out of water and it can take 45 minutes to cross town thanks to the lack of funding over decades. We still can’t even connect 7 to 15 and needed another major river crossing 10 years ago,

    Remember Bob Duff promising to put the power lines underground? The ones 90 feet in the air? Every other surround town had them buried, but not Norwalk.

    Do you commute to Danbury? Well you’ll be pleased to know that some of the last few acres of land on our river is now going to be a train yard for Danbury trains, thanks to Duff who offered that up for a few electrical upgrades at the mansion so they can have A/c there. Half our schools don’t have A/C. And they won’t for years now that Bob has sandbagged the city with his regionalized Norwalkl high. Norwalk taxpayers will get to pick up $50 million plus cost overruns so that 100 kids from Stamford and Bridgeport can come here. Word is the project is already going to run another $40 million over budget. We could have built 3 brand new elementary schools with a/c where the demographers said we needed them. Instead we’re going to spend $300 million plus for the same number of seats while bulldozing a building with $80 million in economic life left, that we’ll still be paying debt service on for the next 20 years.

    I could go on but, it’s getting tired smacking Duff’s water carriers around with facts.

  20. John Miller

    @John O’Neill: Your comments regarding the adverse impact of straight party line voting, particularly as it relates to local issues, is spot on and well stated as always. I read an exceptional letter to the editor in the Wall Street Journal yesterday from an individual who was voting by mail for the first time. He stated that when he first opened the ballot, he did not recognize nor know much about many of the candidates who were named on the ballot. It occurred to him that when he voted in person in the past, he had not taken the time to familiarize himself with the candidates due to the day-to-day requirements of holding down a job.and raising a family. This time, he actually researched each and every candidate, voted for the candidates he agreed with, and stated that it was the best vote that he had ever done. As Mr. O’Neill so eloquently did, I encourage everyone to please, please get to know the local candidates before you vote. Connecticut is in terrible financial shape. I’m well into the back nine of life so to me, this is not about party but about turning the State of Connecticut around for our children and grandchildren.

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