Will Moccia run again? Norwalk Dem says ‘it’s 50-50’

Norwalk Mayor Richard Moccia speaks at a recent Common Council meeting.

Updated, 1:39 p.m. Thursday.

By Nancy Guenther Chapman

NORWALK, Conn. – Norwalk Mayor Richard Moccia has yet to say anything publicly on the topic of whether he will run for re-election, but one Norwalk Democrat, who says he is unabashedly honest, says he has the inside scoop.

“Right now, I’ve heard people saying it’s 50-50 because the Republicans don’t want him to run again,” said Council member David Watts (D-At-Large). “Council members have told us they hope he doesn’t run again because nobody likes him. Nobody likes that guy. I haven’t found anyone except for the ones feeding off him, that make their living off him, say they’re enthusiastic about him.”

Asked for comment, Republican Town Committee Chairman Art Scialabba replied in an email, said the “comments are disgusting and not worthy of a reply.”

Moccia did not reply to a request for comment. NancyonNorwalk sent an email to every member of the council; only one replied.

“That is a politically motivated lie,” said David McCarthy (R-District E) in an email. “Beyond that, it is not worth responding to, as it is quite obviously Mr. Watts’ continuation of the personal attacks he is so famous for. I would hope that, instead of continuing down this path of negativity, he might try to have one accomplishment before his political career ends in November. My hopes will likely be dashed.”

Watts said he is just honest. “I always tell the truth, even if it’s not in my favor,” he said. “That’s the way it is.”

For proof, he says, watch the video of the Oct. 23 council meeting. People on the street are calling it “The David Watts Show,” he said, with the comment, “That guy will say anything.”

Watts says some Republicans attending a recent tree lighting were not optimistic about the mayor trying to win a fifth two-year-term.

“He could possibly run but are they going to be enthusiastic about him?” Watts said. “Because the Republicans are not shy about telling us, ‘Man, we just hope he goes away.’

“When pinned down, it gets into politics. They just rally around the Republican cause. They do a lot of covering up for him.”

Watts sent a Thursday morning email responding to McCarthy’s comments. “Councilman McCarthy is a right wing Republican  – who is pushing out moderate members of his party,” he said. “Calling someone a liar is not a personal attack? He could say he is 100 percent behind the mayor  – however, he took issue with my comments. Hmm. Now, he wants to suggest my political end in 2013, when the city rejected the Republican party city wide. Last month, Councilman McCarthy suggested he came into my district and voters didn’t like my representation. However, the candidate he was pushing lost by a wide margin. Bring it on!”


2 responses to “Will Moccia run again? Norwalk Dem says ‘it’s 50-50’”

  1. oldtimer

    There are a lot of people, from both parties, that believe moccia is retiring soon. He is certainly old enough, he will be 70 , and he has qualified for retirement benefits. If a lot of his own party want him to retire, they are keeping pretty quiet about it. Once they select a candidate to run, if he is retiring, they will be a bit more open about trying to get another republican elected.
    Both Sciallaba and McCarthy don’t have a party approved answer, so they attack Watts for letting the cat out of the bag too soon. And then they have the nerve to complain about a “lack of civility”. Politics can be a messy business.

  2. Diane C2

    Hmmm….interesting stuff with Mr. Hempstead retaining Majority Leader – maybe means a fast track for Mr. McCarthy to take Council President this term?
    I wonder if we can assume it will be one of those two to be the party-endorsed mayoral candidate? Where does all of this leave long-term republican rep. Mr. Kydes?
    Buckle your seat belts – 2013 going to be a grumpy ride!

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