Will Second Amendment supporters make the difference?

Polls are open today until 8 p.m.
Polls are open today until 8 p.m.

HARTFORD, Conn. – A Quinnipiac University poll in May found that 69 percent of Republicans surveyed opposed stricter gun control laws passed following the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. But it’s unknown how many of them will show up today to vote in the Republican gubernatorial primary between Sen. John McKinney and Tom Foley.

McKinney, who represents Newtown, voted in favor of the bipartisan legislation and as a result received criticism from Second Amendment supporters. Meanwhile, Foley — who hasn’t said he would repeal the legislation or whether he supports restrictions on assault weapons or large-capacity ammunition magazines — is poised to benefit from McKinney’s support of that one bill.

Scott Wilson, president of the Connecticut Citizens Defense League, said he’s hoping today’s primary is McKinney’s “political swan song.”

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3 responses to “Will Second Amendment supporters make the difference?”

  1. Scott

    No one has or will speak out in support of the 2nd amendment because it is political suicide. Any mention of ‘gun’ especially in this state is taboo. People need to read the amendment and understand its true purpose. It isn’t the right to firearms, it’s the right to militia. American governments need to be kept in check by the people. The Minute Men were militia. Would there be a United States of America without them? I know it was a different time but the principal remains the same. Take away this right and we take a huge step away from being Americans.

  2. peter parker

    @Scott, get a grip! Really? No one is suggesting taking away anyone’s 2nd amendment rights. Allowing the populous to be better armed than the police and national guard is a huge mistake, and fly’s in the face of everything American. Your statement of principal is all wet and absurd, the minute men had weapons on par to their adversaries, they didn’t out gun them with automatic and high capacity magazine clips!

  3. Scott

    Sounds like fear of what you don’t understand to me. Do you know the reason why Japan never invaded the American mainland in WWII? It was the same reason we dropped the A-bomb. The general population of Americans was so well armed that it would have been a door to door struggle that they would lose. If you ignore your History you jeopardise your future. I wish we lived in a utopian society where guns were not necessary but that’s a fantasy. The real world is an ugly place and you can’t always hope that our government will be prepared to step in and protect us. We downsize our military and deploy our NATIONAL guard overseas. There’s nothing wrong with defending your home, family and country and it may take more than strong words to do it.

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