Wilson first in 142nd District race to receive state campaign grant

Emily Wilson
Emily Wilson

NORWALK, Conn. – Norwalk Attorney Emily Wilson’s campaign committee announced Friday that Wilson, the Republican Party-endorsed candidate for State Representative in the 142nd District, has been award a Citizen’s Election Program grant.

Wilson is the first candidate in the three person field to officially receive the state grant. To qualify, candidates must raise $5,000 from at least 150 people living in Norwalk and New Canaan.

Her primary election opponent, Fred Wilms, announced April 15 that he had crossed the fundraising threshold, but he has not yet announced officially getting the grant.

Democratic candidate Andy Garfunkel announced April 11 that he had raised enough money to qualify. According to campaign spokeswoman Deb Goldstein, Garfunkel’s campaign donations have undergone an initial review and it is just a matter of filing the paperwork, which is on hold while Garfunkel’s treasurer recovers from a recent hospital stay.

The State Elections Enforcement Commission met for the first time this year on Thursday, May 28, to review the CEP grant applications, and Wilson was among the first candidates to be approved, her release stated.

“I am so excited to receive this grant so early. I’m also truly grateful to the many people who have supported me. I won’t let them down,” said Wilson in the release. “My campaign will be honest, and I will work hard to address important issues like reining in spending, reducing taxes and getting small business open.”

Earlier this month, Wilson received the endorsement of the Republican Party to be the candidate to replace 22-year incumbent Larry Cafero, who decided to step down. Wilson serves Norwalk as the vice chairwoman of the Zoning Commission, and she serves as the president of the board of the Norwalk Senior Center.


3 responses to “Wilson first in 142nd District race to receive state campaign grant”

  1. Not a huge fan of anyone running for Mr. Cafero’s seat. Like him, I’m sure any of them will forget to take their anti-Hartford vaccinations, catch Capitol-Fever and vote to ban chocolate milk (or maybe even scissors if some kid cuts himself).
    At least Wilson proved she wasn’t lying when she told Republicans she had qualified for the state election grant.
    Garfunkel had an excuse (I guess his dog ate the campaign forms that the treasurer had taken to the hospital?).
    Wilms proved why some witty son-of-a-gun got it right when he called him “Flip” Wilms. It was Wilms who announced (right here on Nancy on Norwalk): ‘Wilms said he has qualified for state funding under the Citizens Election Program . . .“I am ready to go,” Wilms said. “I have the ballot access, I don’t have to go out and knock on doors to get the signatures, I’ve got the money.” Guess the bureaucrats writing the checks had a different idea.

  2. Bryan Meek

    Speaking as Fred’s campaign treasurer, I can tell you that he had raised $5534 with over 150 signatures as required. These amounts were confirmed by the state at first and the campaign paid $534 to the state as required by the law after the preliminary audit. Everything seemed good to go for Fred until the State said they had made a mistake and Fred was short 2 qualified signatures and about $100. This was after the initial audit done by the state. Sorry if these facts don’t help your cause, but it was hardly Fred’s fault and moreover an example of a process the entire citizenry of the state can do without. $50 million a year this costs us by my estimate.

  3. Hobbes the Calvinist

    “Flip” Wilms announced something that wasn’t right. He knows the rules- you don’t get the money until the Commission approves everything.

    But he still said “I’ve got the money”. Unfortunately, somebody said, “Show me the money!”

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