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I am a Norwalk voter for Ellen Wink.

Ellen has always been the heart of Norwalk. She has devoted much of her career to the operation of her family business, caring for senior citizens. She knows how difficult life can be for senior citizens. She knows firsthand how difficult Connecticut taxes and regulations make it to operate a small business.

Ellen has given enormous energy to volunteer efforts in Norwalk. She has served for years as an election poll worker, a Justice of the Peace, Norwalk High School. She knows local government having served as City Clerk following the retirement of our dearly departed friend Mary Roman.

Ellen has offered reliable, support and energy to every endeavor with which she has been associated. Norwalk desperately needs that sort of strength and reliability in Hartford.

Ellen Wink will make Norwalk proud as our representative serving the 137th Assembly District in Hartford.

Karen Doyle Lyons

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