Women candidates only at East Norwalk event

realtor event.28998070NORWALK, Conn. – A bi-partisan get together for Norwalk Board of Education candidates – but only a select few – has ruffled some feathers and inspired questions of election legality.

No one will talk on the record, though.

Democrats Sherelle Harris and Heidi Keyes joined Republicans Sue Haynie and Lauren Rosato at what is described as a “Realtor event” Sunday in East Norwalk, sponsored by “Norwalk Citizens and Taxpayers for a Bi-partisan BOE.” That caused some people to wonder why the women were working against members of their own party.

Despite the appearances, a source close to the situation said the women were simply invited to the event, and had not banded together for an alternative ticket. No one replied to questions about how or why the four women were chosen. There are five female candidates. Shirley Mosby said she had not been contacted about the event.

“There is no Republican or Democratic way to run a BOE,” a flier advertising the event said. “It’s about driving achievement for ALL students with the most productive use our our taxpayer dollars.”

Elect the four bi-partisan women, the flier said.

A computer search for Norwwalk Citizens & Taxpayers for a Bi-Partisan B.O.E. returned no results.


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  1. NorwalkVoter

    Guessing the SEEC should be looking at this group advocating on behalf of candidates but not registered as a PAC. This looks like a violation of Election Law.

  2. ScopeonNorwalk

    This is totally legal. I’ve done it before and it’s usually a matter of who you know and who is willing to come. As a group with no political affiliation they can choose to invite all or none or some candidates and the candidates can choose to attend or not attend. It also wasn’t a fundraiser and they aren’t collecting funds so there’s nothing SEEC can do about it and no need for a PAC…What kind of message would SEEC be sending to the people if they made people file paperwork and form a PAC to get involved in the political process?

    I can get a group of people together today and ask the candidates I know to come greet them. I wouldn’t need a PAC for that.

  3. NorwalkVoter

    I understand the law. But, funds were expended on behalf of four candidates by an organization called “Norwalk Citizens and Taxpayers for a Bi-partisan BOE.” It still sounds like a group that should have filed with Elections Enforcement and should show the source and amount of the funds expended. A party, a flyer, food and drink as well as the use of someone’s property which I understand was an empty residence that is listed by one of these realtors. Nothing is free and somebody paid for all this on behalf of candidates with money and/or in-kind donations.

  4. What would we do without the SEEC

    Norwalk Voter is technically correct. This is a violation if they aren’t registered PAC.
    But let’s look at the bigger picture. The SEEC is a joke and so is campaign finance law in CT.
    We spend millions of dollars on staff at the state level to police and manage peanuts on these local election campaigns.
    If someone wants to game the system they can and this is just a waste of taxpayer resources. And really can you get more petty than going after someone having a meet and greet. Get over it. No one cares.

  5. Carolyn Chiodo

    Washington may be broken but Norwalk doesn’t have to be. Vote for these 4 amazing women who respect each others differences, will work together, and support Dr. Rivera’s vision. It is important the BOE represents the community, we have enough men on the BOE. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these women.

  6. Don’t Panic

    Depends on the filing status of each of these candidates.

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