Workers’ Comp would cover PTSD under public safety bill

HARTFORD, Conn. – The legislature’s Public Safety Committee approved a bill Tuesday that gives first responders, like the teachers and police officers who witness tragic events, an opportunity to qualify for workers’ compensation benefits.

“It provides benefits to public employees determined to have PTSD by a certified psychiatrist or psychologist,” Sen. Joan Hartley, co-chairwoman of the committee, said.

The bill would be retroactive to Dec. 14, 2012, the day a gunman shot and killed 20 first graders and six educators at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Sen. Anthony Guglielmo, R-Stafford, said he is concerned about first responders, but he’s also concerned that the legislation would “open a Pandora’s box.” He said Connecticut’s rates for workers’ compensation insurance are already the “highest in the nation” and passing this bill will only force them to increase.

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7 responses to “Workers’ Comp would cover PTSD under public safety bill”

  1. Oldtimer

    The alternative to including PTSD under workmen’s comp is to leave people like the Newtown cops to fend for themselves when they are unable to return to work after being first responders to something as horrific as the slaughter at the Sandy Hook school. Thank goodness, such events are very rare, and the number of people eligible under this law should be a very small number. If there is any effect on worker’s comp insurance, it should be a tiny effect. I believe there is one Newtown officer who needs such coverage.

  2. the donut hole

    I can see giving this to the teachers. But, first responders? Ridiculous. Don’t go into that line of work if you don’t want to deal with something horrific. They are already compensated for this risk by very, very generous salaries. Has anyone offered any actuarial analysis on this or are we just writing more checks we can’t cash as is the job of the legislature?
    Newtown is an extreme case, but knowing our legislators they will leave loopholes open so that someone can argue that the sight of trash on the sidewalks gives them PTSD and bilk more money out of the strapped finances we have.

  3. Oldtimer

    Very, very generous salaries ? Can’t help wondering why Donut Hole didn’t become a police officer and take advantage of those very generous salaries ? He, or she, sounds jealous and determined to leave first responders to fend for themselves.

  4. the donut hole

    Nah, oldtimer. I couldn’t take the pay cut personally. Then again I wasn’t some failed jock with a chip on my shoulder who needs legal protection to be a bully. Enjoy your well deserved pension and meeting your maker some day and explaining how you made a difference.

  5. Oldtimer

    “They are already compensated for this risk by very, very generous salaries.” “I couldn’t take the pay cut personally”
    Donut hole can’t seem to decide if police officers are very well paid, or if they are not. It sounds as if I may have hit a nerve, wondering why he, or she, never become a police officer, for the very, very, generous salaries. It is clear he, or she, has a very sad perception of police officers (“failed jock with a chip on my shoulder who needs legal protection to be a bully”), perhaps distorted by too much bad TV. I never claimed all police officers are perfect, but most are pretty good people, dealing with the worst society offers on a regular basis, doing jobs most of us can not imagine. My maker already well knows how any of us made a difference, or not.

  6. the donut hole

    As much as police make, and there are good ones, I make way more. But then my market value is realized by my customers who are not legally forced to buy my products. They buy them because they see some value in them. Our property values are falling, taxes are going up, and (PEOPLE) like you keep asking and demanding for more as if you’ve earned it. You haven’t.

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  7. the donut hole

    Worse your peers have corrupted our political system to secure your overpaid pensions and even have passed laws saying there is nothing taxpayers can do about it. This is not what made America great and a lot of us are starting to realize that it is these practices employed by you that is actually tearing the country down. Creating poverty so you can feed off of it by policing it, jailing it, and sucking votes out of it for more welfare. Disgusting.

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