Working Families Party announces endorsements; Kydes snubbed

A Facebook post from James Burke, A New London City Council member.
The 2021 Election is Nov. 2. A District C Democratic primary is scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 14.

NORWALK, Conn. — The Connecticut Working Families Party has announced endorsements, spurning an incumbent Democrat who is seeking to stave off a challenge in Tuesday’s primary.

Tyler Fairbairn and Jenn McMurrer, Common Council hopefuls who obtained enough signatures to force a primary for in District C, got WFP’s nod over John Kydes, who’s been on the Council since 2013, and his running mate, Oak Hills Park Authority member Jennifer McAllister.

This means Fairbairn and McMurrer will be on the November ballot regardless of what happens Tuesday. WFP said their endorsements show the party’s “commitment to expand progressive majorities” in Norwalk.

Kydes won WFP endorsements in 2013, 2017 and 2019. He did not reply to an email asking for a response to the endorsements.

In 2013, Kydes wrote, “As a lifetime Norwalk resident, I have seen the great things the Working Families Party has done for our city. The WFP has fought for the rights of individuals who would otherwise not have a voice and for this I am honored to have their endorsement. If elected, I will be the voice on the Common Council for Norwalk’s working families.”

“We know that cities are the engines of economic growth in our state,” Anna Duleep, WFP State Committee member and former Norwalk Common Council Majority Leader, is quoted as saying in Friday’s release. “In the past few years, Norwalk has led the state on policies that ensure this growth is built on equity and opportunity. Tyler and Jenn are the right candidates to further advance social and economic justice in our city.”

The party has again endorsed Democratic Mayor Harry Rilling, as it has in every election he’s run in. This shows “its support for continuing and expanding policies that put opportunity and social justice front and center, with renewed investments in education, housing, and equitable growth,” WFP said in the news release.

Endorsed were:



  • Harry Rilling (incumbent)

Common Council:

  • Barbara Smyth (At-large) (incumbent)
  • Greg Burnett (At-large) (incumbent)
  • Dominique Johnson (At-large) (incumbent)
  • Nora Niedzielski-Eichner (At-large)
  • Josh Goldstein (At-large)
  • David Heuvelman (District A) (incumbent)
  • Darlene Young (District B) (incumbent)
  • Diana Révolus (District B) (incumbent)
  • Jenn McMurrer (District C)
  • Tyler Fairbairn (District C)
  • Dianne Jellerette (District D)
  • Heidi Alterman (District D)
  • Lisa Shanahan (District E) (incumbent)
  • Thomas Livingston (District E) (incumbent)

Board of Education:

  • Colin Hosten (incumbent)
  • Sheri Brown
  • Janine Randolph
  • Kara Baekey


The endorsements come with candidate training and strategic campaign support, the news release said.

“Norwalk has charted a path towards inclusive growth and shared opportunity, making working families its priority,” Connecticut WFP Director Carlos Moreno said in the release. “We’re proud to support Mayor Rilling and all of the WFP endorsed candidates as they work together to eradicate inequities and injustices in education, housing, and police reform so that Norwalk can continue to be a city where everyone can thrive.”

The release said, “All candidates are carefully vetted to ensure that they reflect the views and values of Working Families’ members. Recent polling affirmed Working Families’ members vote for candidates who will fight hard for racial, environmental, and economic justice, tax fairness, healthcare reform, strong public education system and immigration reform.”


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  1. John O’Neill

    Question for Working Families Supporters: Your support of candidates over the last 40 years has accomplished exactly what for school systems across Connecticut? There are less kids achieving than ever before. How is that helping? Tax Fairness? – How about the funds squandered by politicians you support in places like Bridgeport, New Haven, Hartford etc…? Inequities and Injustice? Let’s talk about the lack of opportunities because manufacturing has moved out of Connecticut due to WFP policies? How is that a move towards equity? If you can’t start in a business in the first place how the heck do you move up the ladder.
    Any candidate in Norwalk who bathes in the WFP limelight is doing Norwalk a disservice. Name me one policy that this group supports that actually moves someone forward for the long term. Living off the Gov’t dole doesn’t count in my book…Maybe Norwalk voters may want to actually spend time thinking before voting.

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