Working Families Party backs Morris (D-140) and Perone (D-137)

Democratic State Representative candidates, clockwise from top left: Bruce Morris, Warren Peña,  David Watts  and Chris Perone.
Democratic State Representative candidates, clockwise from top left: Bruce Morris, Warren Peña, David Watts and Chris Perone.

NORWALK, Conn. – The Working Families Party threw its support behind the incumbents this weekend, announcing in a Sunday press release it would endorse Bruce Morris (D-140) and Chris Perone (D-137) in their state representative re-election bids.

The Connecticut Working Families Party is an independent political party that advocates for working families across the state.

Both candidates are facing challenges from within the Democratic Party in the Aug. 12 primary election. Morris, who got the WFP endorsement in 2008 and 2010 and who is the Democratic-endorsed candidate, is being challenged by former at-large Common Councilman Warren Peña. Peña had the backing of the WFP in his successful 2011 run, and some observers pin his 2013 loss on his failure to court the WFP endorsement again.

Perone, a five-term incumbent, goes into the Aug.12 primary without the party endorsement, having been edged at the district election by two-term Councilman David Watts. Watts had been backed by the WFP in his two Council runs, but Perone has carried the party’s endorsement in four of his five prior state rep races, missing out only in his initial run in 2004.

WFP Executive Director Lindsay Farrell expressed confidence in the candidates’ staunch support of legislative initiatives that directly benefit working families and the middle class as a whole.

“Rep. Morris and Rep. Perone have shown time and time again that they are tireless champions of the middle class,” Farrell was quoted in the release. “Their work to increase the minimum wage, lower taxes for working families and help pass the Paid Family Sick Leave law makes it abundantly clear how passionate they are about defending working families in Connecticut.”

The Working Families Party was created in 1998 in New York and showed up in Connecticut in 2002. In 2010, it endorsed Democratic gubernatorial candidate Dannel P. Malloy, and some observers credit that backing with putting Malloy over the top against Republican Tom Foley. Malloy won the election by 6,400 votes, and got 26,308 votes on the WFP ballot line.


8 responses to “Working Families Party backs Morris (D-140) and Perone (D-137)”

  1. Chevy Vega

    The Working Families Party are obviously misguided in their endorsement of Chris Perone. Nobody has been working harder than the challenger, David Watts, and his family during this election campaign.

  2. EveT

    Working Families Party realizes Perone and Morris are the most likely candidates to get legislation passed in Hartford that will benefit the middle class in both the short term and long term.

  3. Bill

    Working Families Party knows that Watts and Pena don’t care about working families, they care about corrupt public unions and their own pockets.

  4. Tim D

    Ha! The Chevy Vega is tooting his own horn.

  5. loveforthecity

    @Bill/ Pat, corrupt public unions and their pockets? Interesting to say the least, you really don’t know what you are talking about. You just are off in so many ways. Who is talking about corrupt unions? Secondly, as a Councilman you get paid $46 a month after taxes. You should really inform yourself before you go on these blogs.

    Thank God NoN threw you off the board and SoNoCC sent you back to New Canaan. You have no place or business in the Norwalk community or politics.

    Editor’s note: Bill was never on or under consideration for any NoN board that actually does not yet officially exist. Once more, Bill is not Pat Ferrandino. Mr. Ferrandino was involved in efforts to create a board and he withdrew when he realized things going on behind the scenes at SoNoCC were going to require us to cover it and his presence would create the appearance of conflict of interest.

  6. Bill

    My statement about the financial incentives for Watts and Pena has nothing to do with what they make now, obviously it has to do with what they hope to make as a state rep. […]

    Editor’s note: This comment was edited to remove unverifiable references to the author of a previous post that made an unverifiable claim about the identity of the author of this comment… Future attempts to claim authorship by others using screen names will simply be deleted.

  7. Bill

    Fair enough, I’ll follow that rule. Hopefully others will too.

  8. One and Done.

    Can anyone point to one difference in the platforms between the Communist party and the WFP?
    The irony of WFP is it actually supports policies that destroy families and the opportunities to work for the people the pretend to care about the most.

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