Yup, today is Giving Day

Dear Readers,

It’s Giving day today – the annual fundraiser for local nonprofits, supported by Fairfield County’s Community Foundation.

NoN’s volunteer board of directors will match the first $1,000 in donations today. Please consider making a donation – any amount. $10 or 1000, it all makes a difference.  Really. *

Our mission is simple: to shine a light on Norwalk and give you local news stories that would otherwise go untold. Where else do you get in-depth reporting on education budget discussions, proposed housing developments, and other community-focused issues?

Your contribution goes directly toward bringing you the timely hyperlocal news you need.

Thank you all for your ongoing support.


NoN Board of Directors

  • John Levin
  • Claire Schoen
  • Gerry Werner
  • Jon Gage
  • Moina Noor
  • Sarah McIntee
  • Justin Mately
  • James Qi
  • Nancy Chapman
  • Eric Chapman

* For today’s Giving Day we may qualify for bonuses for the number of unique donors – so really, every single donation matters!  


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