Zucaro has the necessary skills and a commitment to quality of life

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While the pandemic has taken center stage over the past few months, we need leaders who will not only address health imperatives but do so while balancing them with economic and social considerations. That is why I support Patrizia Zucaro for State Representative of the 143rd.

This year has been extremely difficult for many of us. However, Connecticut’s structural fiscal weaknesses must continue to be a priority for our legislators. If the party that has held the majority in the legislature for the past 40 years stays in power, we will continue to see increased taxes, uncontrolled spending, and an insurmountable increase in unfunded liabilities.

Patrizia recognizes that the expected retirement of more than 10,000 state employees by 2020 is an opportunity to cut government spending and improve service. As required by the 2017 bipartisan budget, Governor Lamont has hired consultants to help. Patrizia will advocate for the legislature’s active involvement in using their recommendations to make state government more cost-efficient and professional. She also has foresight and believes work must start now to prepare for structural labor cost reform when the current SEBAC agreement expires in 2027.

As a small business owner and an attorney who has been General Counsel for two small businesses and has served many others as clients, Patrizia has a keen sense of issues that affect small businesses. She will work to maintain some of the governor’s key executive orders that allow them to function more efficiently. Patrizia understands the interaction of multiple policies that, when combined, will break down hurdles and allow small businesses to flourishing, like making tax structures and regulations more consistent, streamlining government processes, optimizing technology, and leaving business alone to grow.

Patrizia cares deeply about our veterans and our seniors. Her commitment to honoring then and ensuring their quality of life is clear. She has attended multiple events at American Legion Post 12 here in Norwalk, and I have witnessed in her interactions with seniors there her personal warmth and dedication to their well-being.

My vote without question goes to Patrizia Zucaro.


Sarah Mann

East Norwalk

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