Zucaro is the right choice in the 143rd State Rep race

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During my time on the Common Council, I’ve learned that we need to stay abreast of what’s going on in Hartford and how it affects Norwalk. We need legislators who can be our eyes and ears and give us the real story on what we need to know. And so do all the residents of Norwalk.

That’s why I’m so pleased that Patrizia Zucaro is running for the 143rd district House seat. I have known Patrizia for years and have the greatest respect for her integrity, her capabilities as an attorney, and her ability to analyze an issue and act decisively to resolve it. She is a straight arrow who has no interest in communicating with spin.

Patrizia’s parents emigrated to Westport from Italy, and she has a large, close extended family spread throughout Westport and Norwalk. Her lifelong familiarity with both places makes her an ideal fit for a district with one foot in a city and the other in the suburbs.

Her work in real estate development and as an attorney has given her a solid, ground-up understanding of our local economy and small businesses. She has represented clients through her own law firm and has served as general counsel for two small companies. She is used to fighting for her clients in challenging situations, and I expect her to do the same for her constituents.

Patrizia is running for office because she cares about the communities where she lives and wants to make state government serve them better. Instead of a political agenda, she brings to the job a real desire to use her legal skills to craft legislation that will help small businesses thrive, improve our schools, ensure our safety, reduce tax pressure on everybody, and make Norwalk, Westport, and Wilton better places to live and work. She is not afraid to stand up to anyone, and her first thought will always be to protect our towns. She is honest, transparent, and real. It’s a privilege to endorse Patrizia Zucaro for state representative.


Tom Keegan

Minority Leader, Common Council

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