Zucaro will put Norwalk residents first, not state unions

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It’s no secret that state public-sector employee unions control many Democratic votes in our state legislature. Because of this, Connecticut’s state employees receive salaries that are more than 40% higher on average than those of private sector workers. They also have the best health benefits in the country, and defined benefit pension plans, which the private sector has not seen in years. What’s more, the roughly 98% of the population that does not work for the state is paying for these generous benefits, which they will never receive themselves.

Last year, majority Democratic legislators voted to guarantee unionized state employees 11% raises over two years. This summer, when they were to take effect, the governor didn’t even try to suspend those raises – totaling $350 million – while thousands of the private-sector employees funding them were jobless and forgoing mortgage or rent payments because of the pandemic.

It’s important to me that Norwalk be represented by legislators who will put our residents first, far ahead of the state unions. So I was interested to see recently that Stephanie Thomas, the Democratic candidate for state representative of the 143rd district, had been endorsed not only by the Working Families Party, but also by the AFL-CIO and the powerful SEIU – Service Employees International Union. The fact that she would seek these endorsements clearly casts doubt on her priorities. Whom would she put first, Norwalk residents, or the state employee unions?

We need representatives who have our back, who do not bow to special interests, and who tell us the truth about what is happening in Hartford. There must be no doubts about their motives, or their allegiances. I urge Norwalkers to support Patrizia Zucaro for state representative.

Isabelle Hargrove

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