District D recount confirms Sutton and Dunn won Council seats

At left, Heather Dunn at a League of Women Voters of Norwalk forum; at right, Doug Sutton on Election Night.

A recount has confirmed last week’s election results: Doug Sutton and Heather Dunn will represent District D on the Common Council.

Sutton is a Democrat who previously served on the Council, from 2000 to 2010. Dunn is an Independent cross-endorsed by Republicans with a background in community activism.

As just over 4,000 electors cast ballots in the District D Council race, a recount was automatic given the required margin for an automatic recount is .5%, or 21 votes in this case, Democratic Registrar Stuart Wells said.

The margin between Dunn (the lowest winner) and Democratic candidate Jan Degenshein (the highest unsuccessful candidate) was 14 votes.

All the candidates picked up votes in the recount, held Tuesday in City Hall, though Independent vote totals dropped. The margin between Dunn and Degenshein narrowed to 11 votes.

According to Wells:

Election Day results
  • Doug Sutton, Democrat, 1,977 votes (winner)
  • Heather Dunn, 1,917 votes
    • 1,705 votes on the Republican line
    • 212 votes on the Independent line
  •  Jan Degenshein, Democrat, 1,903
  • Bryan Meek, 1,893 votes
    • 1,703 votes on the Republican line
    • 190 votes on the Independent line
Recount results
  • Doug Sutton, Democrat, 1,984 votes (winner)
  • Heather Dunn, 1,921 votes (winner)
    • 1,725 votes on the Republican line
    • 192 votes on the Independent line
    • Four unknown votes
  • Jan Degenshein, Democrat, 1,910
  • Bryan Meek, 1,897 votes
    • 1,715 votes on the Republican line
    • 172 votes on the Independent line
    • 10 unknown votes


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